Who’s On Tour

TD Canadian Children’s Book Week will take place from Saturday, May 4 to Saturday, May 11, 2013. Thirty English-speaking authors, illustrators and storytellers will be visiting schools, libraries, bookstores and community centres in every province and territory across the country.

The Book Week tour participants will travel to the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador, across the Prairies, through the mountains of British Columbia and up to the very tips of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. They will visit schools, libraries, community centres and bookstores in every province and territory and speak to their audiences about the pleasures of reading, writing and illustrating books for children and teens.

Who’s On Tour

Selina Eisenberg, storyteller
Alma Fullerton, author

British Columbia

Adrienne Kress, author

Lower Mainland
Richard Scrimger, author

Vancouver Island
Marthe Jocelyn, author & illustrator

Wallace Edwards, author & illustrator
Sylvia Gunnery, author

New Brunswick
Eric Walters, author

Hélène Boudreau, author

Jennifer Lanthier, author

Northwest Territories
Lorna Schultz Nicholson, author

Nova Scotia
Sylvia McNicoll, author

Sarah Tsiang, author

Rachelle Delaney, author
Maureen Fergus, author
Gary Kent & Kim LaFave, author & illustrator
Anne Renaud, author
Caroll Simpson, author & illustrator
Maureen Ulrich, author
Cassy Welburn, storyteller

Prince Edward Island
Ron Lightburn, author & illustrator

Quebec (English-language tour)
Dan Bar-el, author & storyteller
JonArno Lawson, author & poet
Catherine Rondina, author
Max Tell, storyteller
John Wilson, author

Saskatoon and northern area
Lizann Flatt, author

Moose Jaw/Regina and southern area
Lois Peterson, author

Geneviève Côté, author & illustrator